Temperature control in the warehouse

I’m truly blessed to have a job where I do right now. Actually, I’ve been working for this company for over twenty-five years and they’ve treated me pretty decently. I really love all the people I work with, and I really don’t complain when I’ve got to go to work. Right now I’m working inside a massive warehouse, but I’m truly more blessed to be working inside the offices. My office is equipped with its own AC unit and heating system. It supplies me with the heat and cold that I want in order to stay comfortable. However, I can’t say the same for those people who do not work in the offices upstairs in the warehouse. Whether in the summer with the heat or in the winter with the cold, they must suck up and deal with the weather changes that happen outside the warehouse. Sadly, the warehouse does not possess AC equipment that’ll pump air to the entire warehouse. This company could not do this simply because it costs a significant amount of money. They already send out thousands of dollars to keep this warehouse running. The extra expense definitely wouldn’t happen. So while I’m up in my little office, taking in the heat or the cool air from the air conditioner, the others are suffering from the outside. I do feel terribly sorry for them, that they have to deal with that.  I for sure don’t complain about my job.

temperature control