This HVAC system works great!

It seems really easy to implement a work gathering of my boyfriends coworkers on Friday, but I  am not the most social woman so I am worried about it. The party is taking place in his superior’s house. How am I supposed to dress for that kind of party? Can I dress in pants and a blouse or do i need a skirt? I checked the weather forecast and it’ll be cool during the day and colder at night. That means I want to be indoors the whole time. So I will be hanging around into this guy’s house in addition to enduring their preferences for HVAC. Everyone’s house not the same with regards to temperature control. Will it be coldly air conditioned or will they engage the heating system? I know I do not ever use an air conditioner. Therefore, I would be unable to turn on A/C for a occasion. But it is July after all and, most people do use an ac system. I am concerned that if they do switch on the air I will be freezing. Should I bring a light shawl or wrap then? Some people are like me and they get cold easily, so that means if his boss is like me, when the temperature drops friday, the heating system switches on. If so, I may need to dress in a sleeveless top. I asked my guy to guess what the temperature was likely to be like, but he had no idea about the boss man’s temperature preferences. So now I am just going to wear whatever and meditate to be the right temperature. Either way the party will likely be horrendous. I think I will just get a little tipsy before and not worry about HVAC.

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