This is how you fix a heater

My aunt and uncle used to own a boiler used to heat their big home. They had the ugly boiler live in a downstairs closet.  It worked like this: The boiler heats up and the air around it gets hot, too. Once that happened, the air would begin to rise up through the floor. In our TV room we had a ornamental grate that gave the hot air a place to squeeze into our lives. In theory this sounds simple and smart, right? The boiler switches on, the toastiness blasts through the vent, and the house is magically warm. Unfortunately, it was simply wasteful. Basically the entire closet gets super hot way before the air would rise. Then only little puffs of heat would come out of the grate. I remember being just a wee one and sitting right on top of the vent. That’s right it was not so hot that I couldn’t sit on it! That proves how pathetic our boiler was. After the closet air got hot, after a while the boiler would shut itself off. Then the closet would cool way down. This meant the puffs of air would then be cold instead of hot. In actuality, the system was quite ineffective because were forced into heating and cooling a total basement closet and TV room. More time than I can count, we would put a blanket over with the grate to cease the cold venting. The difficulty was sometimes the boiler’s settings would alert it to start heating again and we would not hear the boiler turn on. Then the heat would enter up and start heating the bedclothes. Yes, we did have one scary time where a blanket lit on fire while we were outside playing in the snow. Naturally the destroyed coverlet was my favorite Batman one. I have not loved boiler systems as a result.

heater fix