There have been a lot of weather shifts

Mother Nature can’t make up her mind sometimes. Growing up I lived in a climate that could be very hot or very cool all in the same day. I hate when the weather changes that drastically. It screws with your entire body not to mention you have no way of knowing how to dress for the day. During the summer, we experienced hot and humid days way more than we experienced cooler days. Growing up in my family’s house, we only had window mounted air conditioning units. There was one in every single room. For the most part, the air conditioners would be set about 5-8 degrees lower than the outside temperature, unless it was exceptionally hot, then the difference would be significant. However, when the temperatures would break, my father would immediately shut off the air conditioners, throw open the windows.This used to frustrate me greatly because I knew the next day the house would just be hotter that the day before.  In addition, it would take hours for the units to cool the house down again. If he had just allowed the air conditioners stay on at the same temperature setting, the house would be already cooled for the following day. He would tell me that I did not understand things until I proved him wrong after an experiment. He didn’t think we would save money if he left the air conditioners on. I finally convinced him to allow me to show him for the upcoming month, and if it didn’t work, then he could go returning to doing things his way. That next month’s bill arrived and he saw that we saved money by not turning the air conditioners on and off. This change also put less wear and tear on the units so they would last longer.

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Heating in my home

I heat my house with a boiler system and some baseboard heaters. I would prefer to install radiant flooring throughout the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen and bathrooms all have ceramic tile floors that get extremely cold in winter. Standing on those icy floors at the crack of dawn, or while I am cooking dinner after dark, is really unpleasant. I always wear heavy socks or slippers, and yet I still feel too cold. If the floor surfaces were heated, I could reduce my thermostat setting by about five degrees, and still be warm. This is because the warm floor warms the air as well as the objects in the room. As the surfaces in the room are warmed, the loss of body heat is reduced. Another benefit is that air temperature at floor level can be described as a little bit higher than the temperature at the ceiling. This reduces heat loss through the ceiling insulation, and also trims our month-to-month utility costs. I also like that radiant flooring is hidden under the floor, and completely out of sight. There’s no need to rearrange the furniture around the heater, simply no wasted space, and no unappealing registers or vents. A radiant heating system is usually entirely silent, and doesn’t distribute dust around the home. I know that the installation of radiant flooring would greatly boost comfort and value of my home. I also think that this would quickly pay for itself by reducing my winter heating expenditures. Because the boiler system is already in place, adding the radiant flooring might not be a huge expense.

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Cleaning HVAC components is pretty easy

For the past few years, my HVAC contractor has become trying to convince me to sign up for a service plan offered by his company. The service plan would include two yearly appointments to deal with the upkeep of my air conditioner and air conditioner. Since my HVAC system hasn’t given me any problems, I’ve been reluctant to purchase preventative maintenance. I did some research online to learn if there were any benefits to proactive service. I found out that keeping the inner workings of the HVAC system clean is essential. I hadn’t realized that when air conditioners or furnaces aren’t turned on, it could still get dirty. While the equipment is sitting idle, things like dust, dander, pollen, and bacteria will accumulate inside the system and settle on the inner workings. Rodents and bugs can also get inside, die, and begin decomposing. There is a very real possibility of fungus growing inside the HVAC unit, as well. This means that when the furnace or air conditioner starts up, it is polluting the indoor air quality of my house. The heated or cooled air will probably be carrying harmful bacteria, spores, and dust, spreading it throughout the house. If my family breathes those pollutants in, their health is at stake. I can probably blame my own headaches, sneezing, and any flu-like conditions on my HVAC system. My kids could develop allergies as a result of contaminated heating and cooling factors. Plus, I am definitely spending much more money than necessary on my energy bills. The buildup of debris inside the HVAC system restricts airflow and causes the system to use an excessive amount of energy.

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Going to the mall for air conditioning

I live down south and the summers are sometimes unbearable.  The temperature reaches the low hundreds and I cannot stand it.  I am saving up to move out of my apartment and buy a new house! I have decided to forego air conditioning this summer because it will save me almost sixty dollars a month! I work most week days and on weekends I try to get out of the house whether it be with friends, running errands or swimming in the pool.  Of course, there are days that I have no plans and I feel like I am stuck in my apartment.  Last weekend, I could not stand the heat! I had no errands to run, all my friends were busy and I was just sitting on my couch sweating.  It was even too hot to go swimming because the sun was so strong.  I decided to get dressed and go to the mall, just for the air conditioning! I did not have a dime to spend, but I walked around to several different stores looking at the sales and the new items in the stores.  I even went into some stores I usually would not just to waste time! I was there for about two hours, I could not believe it.  I also got in a lot of steps so I felt like I had burned some calories while staying cool!  I will be using the mall for it’s air conditioning again in the near future! One thought I had while I was walking around was that the monthly HVAC bill for the mall must be.

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Trying to find a quality HVAC unit

I am a safety and health inspector. My job is literally to go around to local businesses and companies and make sure their properties are up to codes and to our safety standards. I have been a nervous person since I was younger. I am just naturally very nervous and because of this trait about me it makes me also a very careful person. I live by the quote “safety first.” We target so many different organizations and stores. I often go into restaurants to make sure everything is clean and safe. Not only do I inspect the dining room areas of the restaurants but also the kitchens. That is where the real problems usually are. If there is food left out or dirty messes back in the kitchen, often times the restaurants will get warnings or even sometimes shut down. One of my favorite places to perform health and safety procedures though is at hospitals. Hospitals are so complex and large usually. There is so much to consider and examine when it comes to health and safety in a hospital. Not only do I look for cleanliness in the patient rooms on each floor. I also have a background in HVAC equipment. HVAC units are important to have and maintain in a hospital. You must make sure the air in a hospital is always extremely clean. There are so many germs in hospitals. I make sure the air filters are constantly changed. HVAC maintenance is done more than twice per year. Clean HVAC units are so important in a hospital.

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Getting out of the shower

Getting up in the morning is a constant struggle for me. I need to have a sufficient breakfast, coffee, and a long shower. I love to take my showers in the morning because it wakes me up and gets me up and going for the day. My husband and I just moved into our new home about a year ago and our shower is my favorite. We have a waterfall shower with all glass doors around it. I never have to worry about cleaning a shower curtain or replacing a curtain rod. I do, however, have to worry about how cold the floors are when I step out of the shower. I usually stand on our tiny bathroom mats while I dry off and avoid the tiles at all costs because our heating system does not blow heat onto them. Our heating vents only blow the heat upwards and it is dreadful in the morning to step onto freezing cold floors. I wish we could install heated flooring in the bathroom to get rid of that cold chill get every time I get out of the shower. My husband is reluctant to getting the heated flooring because we have just spent so much on our new home. If I would’ve known better, I would have told our HVAC contractors to install the heated flooring in the first place before we moved in. My husband doesn’t mind the cold floors after the shower, but I need to at least purchase a small electric heater to heat up the floor for me before I get out.

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Surviving without air conditioning

I live in the northeastern part of the country, very close to a large Amish population.  I often see their horse and buggies on the road, and get most of my furniture hand-crafted by a local Amish builder.  The furniture is very inexpensive and constructed out of solid hardwood.  Last July, I picked up a dining room table made out of oak from my Amish contractor.  It was super hot that day, with outside temperatures in the mid-nineties and brutal humidity.  I was sweating just standing still in my shorts and tank top.  The Amish contractor had on the traditional long blue pants and long-sleeved shirt, with a hat.  He must have been dying of heat.  The workshop was severely overheated, sticky, and uncomfortable.  The air quality, with all of the sawdust flying around, was absolutely terrible.  Because the Amish do not utilize electrical power, they have no access to HVAC equipment.  They can’t run an air conditioner, furnace, air cleaner, or even a box fan.  While I’m sure it is extremely unpleasant to be hot and sweaty all summer, I can’t imagine surviving without any type of heating system.  The only way the Amish can heat their house is by burning wood.  When I make a bonfire outside, the whole process is time-consuming, dirty, and aggravating.  I would hate to have the ashes, smoke, and fumes in my house.  There would also be no way to regulate the amount of heat.  I really like being able to adjust the thermostat to my temperature preference.  I like having air conditioning, heating, running water, and electric lights.

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Window A/C unit

Air conditioning reminds me of my grandfather. In the summertime my grandfather loved his cooling unit. He did not have anything fancy like a ductless multi split system. He did not own high velocity air conditioning. Also I had never even heard of ductwork for a cooling system. He simply owned the largest, heaviest window air conditioner that was around. We live in an area that cooling is not all that necessary. It basically snows all year around and our warm season is pathetic. But my grandfather demanded a cooling system for the summer. I remember going down to his pool just about everyday in the summer. You would swim and eat strawberries by the pool. When it was time to change you had to go into the house. This was my least favorite part. His house was always well below freezing. I think he had never heard about temperature control. The house was so cold, and you walked right into their kitchen. That meant you were dripping wet and standing on tile. My grandfather would start yelling at you to shut the goddamn door. Then you would try to hurry to the bedroom past the A/C unit to warmth. I fell so many times on that kitchen tile trying to not be near the cooling unit. I remember how cold you would get and how panicked it was to get to the bedroom. I get why he wanted the door closed, though. It is a huge energy saver to not let the cool air leave the home. But he could have asked nicer, you know?

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A great deal

I was driving one day down the interstate late at night and came across some construction. The work that was going on was slowing up traffic and at times we were even at a dead halt. That of course is no fun. It always seems like I have bad luck with getting stuck on the interstate because of construction work. When there is a wreck that is backing traffic up I really can’t complain because of obvious fact that there are those that are dealing with a lot more than patience problems at the moment. When these traffic stops occur I just turn on the radio to pass the time. I heard a local HVAC company commercial come on. It was actually a company that I had never heard of before and so I tuned in. I liked the fact that they were local and it seems that local companies have the people’s interest in mind more than the larger companies. They were talking about how they were having HVAC deals going on right now and that anyone that wanted to install a new HVAC system was able to do so at a great price. They also talked about repairs that their technicians could do and evaluations that were free to be able to determine if there were any heating or cooling problems that were being created by the HVAC unit. All in all the pitch was a good one. It’s good to know that there is a local HVAC company that is there to seemingly go to bat for me when I need them. At least that is what they made it sound like.

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Air duct cleaning

There are so many commercials on television nowadays, I usually pay them absolutely no attention. Most of them are scams or just ridiculous. I have to say, though, that I was drawn in by one the other morning. It was completely unusual for me, but I could not help it. It was from an HVAC company that was discussing the various benefits of having the air ducts cleaned in your home. They explained that it is something most homeowners do not even think about, so it does not get done for years, which means that your air ducts are probably filthy! I was completely mesmerized and slightly concerned as the commercial showed an HVAC technician cleaning out the air ducts in someone’s home to demonstrate. I moved into my home five years ago and have not had my air ducts cleaned once since then. I had no idea that it was actually necessary. And, like the commercial said, it had not even crossed my mind as part of my home maintenance. I had no idea that air duct cleaning even existed. I got the number from the commercial and called the HVAC company later that day. When I told them that I saw their commercial, they offered to give me a special discount, which was nice. So, I set up an appointment for my air ducts to get cleaned. The day of my appointment, the HVAC technician let me watch as he worked. He told me that there would be a noticeable difference in the air quality of my home after he cleaned them. He was right. I might start paying a little more attention to commercials from now on.

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