Working on my dehumidifier

My son sings in the children’s choir at our church. Every season they put on a new show. Friends and family of all the kids pack the church to capacity. It’s a very popular event with our congregation. The kids have so much fun and they’re really quite talented. My son is so cute up there on the stage. He’s a natural performer. Usually the church stays comfortable even with so many people crammed inside. Last week, the HVAC system went out the day before the summer show. It was stifling hot in there, but the kids insisted on performing. Without air conditioning, those kids were soaked through with sweat. The temperature continued to rise. I saw my son start to wobble. He passed out and knocked a few other kids down with him. I rushed him to my car and blasted the air conditioning until he felt better. We had a laugh about the whole thing, but the choral director decided the show would be postponed until the HVAC company could replace the A/C. One of our members works for them as an HVAC technician. A few days later, there was a brand new heating and cooling system in the church. It was the perfect temperature in there. They also installed a dehumidifier to help on especially muggy days. The air handler is so quiet, unlike the old one that rattled and groaned. We really are blessed to worship in a climate-controlled space. Many others aren’t so lucky. My son and I are looking forward to part two of the summer show this weekend.

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My air conditioner

When I was looking to have tee shirts made for my son’s soccer team, I was shocked at how few places around town could offer me affordable prices for the gear I wanted. After a few months of research, I actually opened my very own screen printing business. The only issue was that I did not want to spend the money on an office right away so our basement became my means of production. The first few orders went smoothly as they were fairly small and had loose deadlines. However, the pressure began to mount after my sales ballooned a few months later. I bought more machinery to handle the workload and increase efficiency. The only issue with this was that the new machines ran so hot and my air conditioner could not keep up. The partition of my basement caused my workspace to get so darn hot that I was actually sweating profusely while filling my orders. I was miserable and had no idea how to fix this problem. I knew I was still a year or two away from being able to afford an office of my own, so I contacted a local HVAC provider instead and got them to install new cooling equipment in my house. I also had the guy install a damper in the ductwork so I can direct the cool air directly into my makeshift production facility if I get too hot. Overall, i am very happy with my superior HVAC system. Now I just need to save up to buy that new office!

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The newest in heating

In the southwest, you get used to extremes. It’s crazy hot during the day, but temperatures quickly drop at night. You don’t want to be caught outside unprepared. I used to do a lot of camping when I was younger. I knew to pack warm clothes for the nighttime, even in the height of summer. One time my cousin brought a friend from up north on one of our camping trips. He didn’t think to tell her about the drastic temperature fluctuations. As the sun was setting we all put on our hoodies and sweatpants. All she had were shorts and tank tops. I felt so bad for her. Thankfully I had an extra blanket for her to wrap up in. We decided to cut our camping short and rent a nearby cabin instead. This cabin had an amazing heating and cooling system. We turned on the heat that night and the temperature was perfect. We were able to set the thermostat to turn off the heat before we woke up. Then it switched to the air conditioning without us having to do it manually. The cabin was cool and comfortable even when it was one hundred degrees outside. The owner of the cabins told us that upgrading the A/C unit in each cabin had been a big investment, but temperature control is so important in this climate. Guests rave about the cabins online, and this has significantly increased his business. Next time we planned a trip, we decided to skip the camping altogether. The perfectly heated and cooled cabin was just too good to resist!

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