Staying with my sister

I recently stayed with my sister, in her trendy apartment, for eight days.  It was a new experience for me to be in a high-rise apartment building, in the middle of the city.  I live in a cottage near the beach, with no neighbors, traffic, or cold weather.  My sister lives on the twentieth floor of a building that is in the heart of downtown, in the northeastern part of the country.  It was very strange to ride an elevator to get to her apartment, and to see snow outside the windows.  Because the building is entirely temperature controlled, her windows don’t open.  The building features a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system with exposed ductwork along the ceiling.  My sister is not responsible for utilities, so she keeps her apartment extremely cool in the summer, and overheated in the winter.  I visited her in January, and the apartment felt like an oven.  The furnace was running all of the time, and I was constantly sweating.  The apartment features two separate thermostats, with one located in the kitchen and the other near the bedrooms.  I assumed that this was some type of zone control, and I repeatedly turned the thermostat near my bedroom down.  It never seemed to make any difference.  By the end of my stay, I figured out that both thermostats controlled the entire apartment.  Every time I turned one thermostat down, my sister would turn the other thermostat up.  While I really enjoyed my time with my sister, I was anxious to get outside and breathe some fresh air.

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This system stays very efficient

I make my living writing fiction novels, and I work from home.  I have an agent and editor depending on me to meet very strict deadlines.  In order to accomplish the required amount of work each day, I need to spend eight hours at my desk.  I have learned, however, that just sitting at the desk isn’t enough.  I need to actually be creative and work.  I can’t afford to be distracted.  Everything from a pair of squirrels outside the window to uncomfortable temperatures inside my office can cause me to get absolutely nothing done.  I’ve learned that I can spend several hours watching squirrels gather nuts.  If I am even slightly too hot or too cold, I spend my day annoyed and miserable, rather than accomplishing any work.  To ensure my own productivity, I have installed blinds over the windows, a state-of-the-art HVAC system, and a smart thermostat.  With the blinds closed, there is nothing for me to look at other than the computer screen.  The smart thermostat allows me to make adjustments to temperature, fan speed, and even humidity, without even leaving my desk.  I can access the HVAC system from my computer and smartphone, and make sure that I am perfectly comfortable at all times.  Because of my modern heating and cooling system, I don’t need to worry about temperature fluctuations, noisy operation, or inflated energy bills.  The furnace and air conditioner provide evenly distributed comfort and handle any type of weather.  Somehow, however, I still find ways to procrastinate and I often fail to complete my work.

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Investing in a heat pump

I just recently took a new job and had to relocate.  My new city was located in a relatively mild climate, it was never cold enough to freeze in the winter and the summers from what I read were hot but tolerable.  I decided to purchase a home and the first thing I did was research HVAC options.  I work a lot from home so it is important for me to be both comfortable and safe.  I decided to invest in a air-source heat pump.  Not only would it maintain my small house in the summer and winter months but it would do so efficiently.  These HVAC systems save homeowners a ton on their electricity expenses.  These types of heating and air conditioning units also help to dehumidify the air as well as filter it.  I researched local HVAC businesses and soon technicians were at my new home ready to install the heat pump.  I’ve lived in my house with the new pump for a few weeks now and it’s made quite a difference.  It is currently November and winter is right around the corner. My house has stayed warm and cozy while not feeling stuffy or congested.  My utility bills are down and I never have to radically adjust my thermostat.  From what the heating technician told me, air-source heat pump technology has come a long way in recent years, making these newer systems perfect for climates like mine, as well as even colder environments.  I am thrilled to have a brand new properly functioning HVAC system in my house, I can’t wait to see how it works in the summer, keeping me away from the heat.  

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Leaving way too many windows open!

I knew it was a mistake to move in with my girlfriend, but I was hoping to save some money on rent and utilities.  We signed a one year lease on an apartment and I figured I could survive twelve months with her.  We have now been living together for about eight months and I am ready to kill her.  I’m not sure I can stand being around her for another four months.  She’s costing me a fortune in utility bills every month.  She and I are both on a very tight budget and we both agreed to make some sacrifices to save money.  I figured that meant we would not turn the furnace up to eighty degrees and open the window to let fresh air in.  My girlfriend, however, likes to have the windows open at all times.  It doesn’t matter if she has the furnace or the air conditioner on at full blast, she will still crack a window.  I’ve tried to explain that she is paying for the conditioned air that is literally flying right out the window.  She says that any time the HVAC unit runs, it gives her a headache unless she can breathe some fresh air.  She definitely gets a headache because she either sets the thermostat up to eighty degrees or down to fifty degrees.  She always runs the HVAC system at maximum capacity.  She has absolutely no clue how to conserve energy and save money.  I am worried that if I don’t move out right away, I am going to strangle her in her sleep.

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Moving from the south

Anytime I leave the south to visit family or friends I am always the bud of the jokes over sensitivity to the cold. I cannot help it though, I have thin blood from living in warmth. I run hot too, so it amuses me that they think that I am being a baby about the temperature. I was staying up North last Fall with a friend and he asked me to turn on his furnace in his bathroom since I was closest to it. I agreed to and walked into the bathroom and was instantly puzzled. I realized I had never even touched a furnace before. I pondered for a moment thinking to myself, “Am I really this dumb or is it not actually my fault since I have never lived in the cold?”. “Both” I say to myself then call out for help. I assumed that since I have to deal with my air conditioning unit back home that I should be able to work this just fine. Turns out heating and air conditioning services are quite different within a HVAC unit. His building was also particularly old and therefore had a more outdated furnace that was painted over so many times that I lost count. Turns out I was not even strong enough to turn the handle on the furnace. Once he turned it on, the furnace quickly had the apartment heated in no time. I actually sweated that night! I suppose you do have to keep the furnace on in increments, rather than all night or day. air conditioning

We need an air purifier

I never intended to own six cats, but I somehow ended up with them.  I am really more of a dog person, and the cats were not my choice.  I found the first cat on my doorstep, and she was half-starved and desperate for a home.  I got the second cat because my sister was moving and promised my housing of her pet was only temporary.  That was two years ago, and I still have the cat.  A boyfriend of mine gave me a kitten for Valentine’s Day, and although he’s no longer around, the cat still lives with me.  The final three cats were abandoned in a box by the side of the road, and I couldn’t just leave them to suffer.  With six cats, I deal with a lot of fur, litter boxes, and unpleasant smells.  In order to avoid a dirty, stinky house, I invested in an air purifier.  The air purifier works with my HVAC system to filter and clean my indoor air as it circulates.  It purifies the air up to eight times an hour, trapping pollutants that are too small to even see.  It handles fur, dander, dust, odors, mold, and all sorts of bacteria, and protects both my home and HVAC system from a buildup of contaminants.  Along with running the air purifier, I also make certain to change the air filter in the HVAC system every month.  I am diligent about having my air conditioner and furnace professionally cleaned by a licensed HVAC technician twice a year.  I am trying to find a new home for my six cats, but so far, no one is interested.

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The coolest kind of HVAC system

I have so many allergies. No matter what season of year, I am always have a reaction to something in the air. As a child, I nearly died several times due to the amount of allergic reactions. I remember a time that I was stung by a bee and my throat began to swell. I couldn’t breathe and all of my friends started to panic. Luckily, my dad was there with an epi pen and he knew how to administer it. They rushed me to the hospital and the nurses helped bring the swelling down enough to breathe normal again. That was probably the scariest point in my life. Now that I am an adult, I know how to take great caution when it comes to my allergies. I know to always carry an epipen on me. Also I was able to make my house a very comfortable environment. It was very expensive, but my HVAC provider was able to get me a top of the line unit. The heating and cooling experts and the local HVAC business had to special order the air conditioner and furnace. The HVAC technician came a week after I ordered it to install it. The air conditioner service and furnace service that I bought specializes in air filtration. So, I never have to worry about any allergies inside my house. I have a heater repair man and an air conditioner repair specialist for the summer months. It really is amazing to just have somewhere in the world that I can sit without having to control

Building a new heater

I studied my whole life to get where I am today. Right now, I work with NASA designing new space equipment. We specialize in using new materials to include them in the next launch into space. You would be amazed at how much planning and designing goes into a rocket ship before it’s even ready to launch. It takes years to build a model that is ready for space travel. You have to worry about every single aspect of that ship to make sure that it is safe for the astronauts and crew. We have to plan even down to the kind of screws we use to secure the panels. One of my biggest projects this year is actually worrying about the interior. We had to design a system that’s able to control the heating and cooling inside the ship. This is especially important because the crew members can die if the temperature does not immediately change. One of my teams focused on building an air conditioner. My team was building a furnace that could connect to the HVAC unit and constantly monitor the air. We even sought the help of a local HVAC business to give us some ideas about air conditioner installation and air conditioner repair. The HVAC technician who came was able to show us how to build a system for heater repair and air conditioner service that we can monitor from the ground. I feel like after all that HVAC training, I could work for the local HVAC business. Maybe if I ever retire from NASA.

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Emergency HVAC systems

I didn’t realize until I moved to a new neighborhood just how important an HVAC service provider could be. My new place needed a number of HVAC repairs, and winter was on its way. I had to get in touch with an HVAC company, and fast! I shopped around online before I found a company that suited all of my needs. I was so grateful to have found this company, too! They are reliable and their service technicians are always prepared with the tools they need. If they need a part that has to be specially ordered, they let me know about lead times and don’t lie about the product. They are extremely polite, and they also have a service package that ensures that if I have an emergency, they’ll come right out. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night or a holiday or weekend. If my HVAC equipment has a serious problem, they will be here. I cannot say how reassured a promise like that makes me feel. Plus, they don’t just make a quick fix happen and then ignore potential other problems. They get right to the core of every issue my equipment is having. I learned recently that they have an extensive training program for all of their employees, as well. Every employee is taught about all of the heating and cooling products they offer. This company never sends anyone out on a call if they are just learning or don’t know exactly what they are doing. I have peace of mind that I won’t be overcharged or sold something unnecessary. These guys are the real deal. I am so glad I found the best HVAC business around!


Setting an alert to change the filters

My husband is working in our bathroom on a remodeling project. It has been a tedious project. We are replacing the flooring, painting, and redoing a few other smaller things. Our bathroom is pretty large. The air conditioner only has one vent in the bathroom. With the window open during the summer to let the dust and fumes out the air conditioner is not doing much good in there. We have the door closed to keep the dust out of the rest of the house. The air conditioner has been cooling much more than normal since the window is open letting the cold air out. This means the air conditioner is working much harder than normal. I think it is also sucking in some of the dust from the room. Every time the air conditioner comes on I can smell the dust throughout the rest of the house. I think it is time to replace our air filter so it will filter more of the dust out. It has been a while since our air filter was replaced so I know it must be very dirty. I really hate changing the filter because all the dirt and dust covering it makes a mess and stirs up my allergies. If I changed the filter more often it would probably not be so bad. When I change the air filter this time I will set a calendar alert on my phone to remind me to change the air conditioner filter. I know I could call my local HVAC service and have them come out to change my filter regularly, but I don’t want to spend the money to do that. Setting an alert on my phone will be a cheaper way to remind me to do it before it gets too bad.

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