Building a new heater

I studied my whole life to get where I am today. Right now, I work with NASA designing new space equipment. We specialize in using new materials to include them in the next launch into space. You would be amazed at how much planning and designing goes into a rocket ship before it’s even ready to launch. It takes years to build a model that is ready for space travel. You have to worry about every single aspect of that ship to make sure that it is safe for the astronauts and crew. We have to plan even down to the kind of screws we use to secure the panels. One of my biggest projects this year is actually worrying about the interior. We had to design a system that’s able to control the heating and cooling inside the ship. This is especially important because the crew members can die if the temperature does not immediately change. One of my teams focused on building an air conditioner. My team was building a furnace that could connect to the HVAC unit and constantly monitor the air. We even sought the help of a local HVAC business to give us some ideas about air conditioner installation and air conditioner repair. The HVAC technician who came was able to show us how to build a system for heater repair and air conditioner service that we can monitor from the ground. I feel like after all that HVAC training, I could work for the local HVAC business. Maybe if I ever retire from NASA.

heater installation