Investing in a heat pump

I just recently took a new job and had to relocate.  My new city was located in a relatively mild climate, it was never cold enough to freeze in the winter and the summers from what I read were hot but tolerable.  I decided to purchase a home and the first thing I did was research HVAC options.  I work a lot from home so it is important for me to be both comfortable and safe.  I decided to invest in a air-source heat pump.  Not only would it maintain my small house in the summer and winter months but it would do so efficiently.  These HVAC systems save homeowners a ton on their electricity expenses.  These types of heating and air conditioning units also help to dehumidify the air as well as filter it.  I researched local HVAC businesses and soon technicians were at my new home ready to install the heat pump.  I’ve lived in my house with the new pump for a few weeks now and it’s made quite a difference.  It is currently November and winter is right around the corner. My house has stayed warm and cozy while not feeling stuffy or congested.  My utility bills are down and I never have to radically adjust my thermostat.  From what the heating technician told me, air-source heat pump technology has come a long way in recent years, making these newer systems perfect for climates like mine, as well as even colder environments.  I am thrilled to have a brand new properly functioning HVAC system in my house, I can’t wait to see how it works in the summer, keeping me away from the heat.  

heat pump