Leaving way too many windows open!

I knew it was a mistake to move in with my girlfriend, but I was hoping to save some money on rent and utilities.  We signed a one year lease on an apartment and I figured I could survive twelve months with her.  We have now been living together for about eight months and I am ready to kill her.  I’m not sure I can stand being around her for another four months.  She’s costing me a fortune in utility bills every month.  She and I are both on a very tight budget and we both agreed to make some sacrifices to save money.  I figured that meant we would not turn the furnace up to eighty degrees and open the window to let fresh air in.  My girlfriend, however, likes to have the windows open at all times.  It doesn’t matter if she has the furnace or the air conditioner on at full blast, she will still crack a window.  I’ve tried to explain that she is paying for the conditioned air that is literally flying right out the window.  She says that any time the HVAC unit runs, it gives her a headache unless she can breathe some fresh air.  She definitely gets a headache because she either sets the thermostat up to eighty degrees or down to fifty degrees.  She always runs the HVAC system at maximum capacity.  She has absolutely no clue how to conserve energy and save money.  I am worried that if I don’t move out right away, I am going to strangle her in her sleep.

energy saving