Moving from the south

Anytime I leave the south to visit family or friends I am always the bud of the jokes over sensitivity to the cold. I cannot help it though, I have thin blood from living in warmth. I run hot too, so it amuses me that they think that I am being a baby about the temperature. I was staying up North last Fall with a friend and he asked me to turn on his furnace in his bathroom since I was closest to it. I agreed to and walked into the bathroom and was instantly puzzled. I realized I had never even touched a furnace before. I pondered for a moment thinking to myself, “Am I really this dumb or is it not actually my fault since I have never lived in the cold?”. “Both” I say to myself then call out for help. I assumed that since I have to deal with my air conditioning unit back home that I should be able to work this just fine. Turns out heating and air conditioning services are quite different within a HVAC unit. His building was also particularly old and therefore had a more outdated furnace that was painted over so many times that I lost count. Turns out I was not even strong enough to turn the handle on the furnace. Once he turned it on, the furnace quickly had the apartment heated in no time. I actually sweated that night! I suppose you do have to keep the furnace on in increments, rather than all night or day. air conditioning