Setting an alert to change the filters

My husband is working in our bathroom on a remodeling project. It has been a tedious project. We are replacing the flooring, painting, and redoing a few other smaller things. Our bathroom is pretty large. The air conditioner only has one vent in the bathroom. With the window open during the summer to let the dust and fumes out the air conditioner is not doing much good in there. We have the door closed to keep the dust out of the rest of the house. The air conditioner has been cooling much more than normal since the window is open letting the cold air out. This means the air conditioner is working much harder than normal. I think it is also sucking in some of the dust from the room. Every time the air conditioner comes on I can smell the dust throughout the rest of the house. I think it is time to replace our air filter so it will filter more of the dust out. It has been a while since our air filter was replaced so I know it must be very dirty. I really hate changing the filter because all the dirt and dust covering it makes a mess and stirs up my allergies. If I changed the filter more often it would probably not be so bad. When I change the air filter this time I will set a calendar alert on my phone to remind me to change the air conditioner filter. I know I could call my local HVAC service and have them come out to change my filter regularly, but I don’t want to spend the money to do that. Setting an alert on my phone will be a cheaper way to remind me to do it before it gets too bad.

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