The coolest kind of HVAC system

I have so many allergies. No matter what season of year, I am always have a reaction to something in the air. As a child, I nearly died several times due to the amount of allergic reactions. I remember a time that I was stung by a bee and my throat began to swell. I couldn’t breathe and all of my friends started to panic. Luckily, my dad was there with an epi pen and he knew how to administer it. They rushed me to the hospital and the nurses helped bring the swelling down enough to breathe normal again. That was probably the scariest point in my life. Now that I am an adult, I know how to take great caution when it comes to my allergies. I know to always carry an epipen on me. Also I was able to make my house a very comfortable environment. It was very expensive, but my HVAC provider was able to get me a top of the line unit. The heating and cooling experts and the local HVAC business had to special order the air conditioner and furnace. The HVAC technician came a week after I ordered it to install it. The air conditioner service and furnace service that I bought specializes in air filtration. So, I never have to worry about any allergies inside my house. I have a heater repair man and an air conditioner repair specialist for the summer months. It really is amazing to just have somewhere in the world that I can sit without having to control