This system stays very efficient

I make my living writing fiction novels, and I work from home.  I have an agent and editor depending on me to meet very strict deadlines.  In order to accomplish the required amount of work each day, I need to spend eight hours at my desk.  I have learned, however, that just sitting at the desk isn’t enough.  I need to actually be creative and work.  I can’t afford to be distracted.  Everything from a pair of squirrels outside the window to uncomfortable temperatures inside my office can cause me to get absolutely nothing done.  I’ve learned that I can spend several hours watching squirrels gather nuts.  If I am even slightly too hot or too cold, I spend my day annoyed and miserable, rather than accomplishing any work.  To ensure my own productivity, I have installed blinds over the windows, a state-of-the-art HVAC system, and a smart thermostat.  With the blinds closed, there is nothing for me to look at other than the computer screen.  The smart thermostat allows me to make adjustments to temperature, fan speed, and even humidity, without even leaving my desk.  I can access the HVAC system from my computer and smartphone, and make sure that I am perfectly comfortable at all times.  Because of my modern heating and cooling system, I don’t need to worry about temperature fluctuations, noisy operation, or inflated energy bills.  The furnace and air conditioner provide evenly distributed comfort and handle any type of weather.  Somehow, however, I still find ways to procrastinate and I often fail to complete my work.

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