The HVAC equipment inside my dance studio

My whole life I have taken dance lessons, it is one of my favorite things to do.  I love dancing, it is allows me to express myself and it gives me a good workout while I am at it.  Another thing that I love about it is being able to listen to music loudly.  I have recently started teaching a class at a local dance studio.  It is a new studio for me and not the one I have been dancing in for years.  The classes are going great and the studio is very nice.  One thing that I have noticed about it though is the lack of a great HVAC system. I recently realized that I was sweaty so much more than normal.  At first I thought it was because this was the first time teaching a class and not just dancing.  I asked some of the other teachers in the studio and they told me that they have a similar problem but they told me it is due to the lack of an HVAC system.  They were explaining to me that the HVAC system isn’t strong enough to cool down all of the rooms in the studio.  The air conditioning only really affects two of the rooms that are in the basement.  The other rooms that are located on the first and second floor do not get cooled down like the basement ones do. It is not awful and I don’t want to complain too much but it would be great if the dance studio could invest some money into a better, more effective HVAC system. On the bright side, I am sweating more so hopefully I am losing more calories! climate control

Staying in the A/C

I’ve had a huge crush on this guy for a really long time. He knows it and I make it super obvious. In fact I’m pretty aggressive about it, and get angry if I ever see him talking to someone else. We are pretty good friends nonetheless and I finally got back home to visit my family, and to see him. I went to his house one night just to catch up as I had been away for about a year and had done so many things. Upon walking into his house, I immediately felt the gusts of humidity. I was pretty confused because I could hear the white noise of an air conditioner running. Once his twin had greeted me and escaped to the upstairs, I looked around his house and noticed a blanket covering a doorway. He said it was to trap the AC in their living room. I didn’t think anything of it, and we talked for a little while. He let me know about a new girl he’s been talking to which really made me quite angry. Once conversation started to slow, we went upstairs to sit and relax with his twin and we all talked and joked around. The house was so warm inside and there was a serious lack of a/c. The twin was trying to sleep and kicked us out but honestly how can you sleep in a house with so little air conditioning? We ventured back downstairs and into the room behind the blanket and there was such a serious difference. I was honestly in awe about what I was witnessing. He said they didn’t need the AC in the kitchen or anything and they didn’t want it to escape. Craziness to me.

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Emergency HVAC

My grandparents always are on me when something is wrong in their home. I get called when they need their lawn mowed or if there is a tree to be cut down. I also get called if their internet is not working for them or if they can’t download pictures off their phone. Recently I got called about their air conditioning system not working for them. My grandmother was all up in arms and she had me come over. She greeted me at the door. When she walked into the kitchen, she explained something had gone wrong, and the air conditioning wasn’t working. I tried looking at it but I decided it was a professional that we needed. I could not do a cooling repair on my own. My grandfather called a HVAC technician to come take a look. When the HVAC technician arrived, my grandfather brought him to the AC unit on the side of the house. The heating and cooling technician replaced a part in one of the cooling components, and made a small repair to a fuse.  Inside my grandfather pondered the idea of the repair that the HVAC business had done. The HVAC technician quickly put everything back together and instructed my grandmother to turn it on. The air conditioner powered up, and began pushing ice cold air into the house. Everyone inside was thrilled, and my grandfather was impressed with the HVAC technician’s work. My grandmother gave him a tip for his quality air conditioning service. They were even happy with me after it was done.

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Saving on heating bills

Have you ever gotten out of a shower and touched the cold tiles? What about the cold kitchen tile? Nobody likes to feel cold tile on their barefeet in the winter. Sometimes the transition to carpet is quite shocking. It is unexpected at first because you are so used to stepping onto the warm carpet! You should then consider heated floors for your home. Trust me, it’s so worth it! Even for the price. Which ranges, depending on flooring, size and which kind of unit for the floor heat you want. You will want to have that inspected by your HVAC technician every once in awhile along with your regular HVAC unit. You could have them check it out when the check your HVAC unit every few months. There is not a handful of perks of a heated floor but there sure are some! The perks are reduced energy bills. The flooring uses more efficient heat. It warms all that touches it like chairs, couches and your feet. Also the heat stays at the floor level and won’t rise to your ceilings wasting energy. Additionally the flooring since it is at the floor level can be set to a reduced temperature. The lower temperatures save you so much money on your monthly HVAC bills. Heated floors are a great investment. And they are so worth it after it is all said and done. So, if you’re sick of getting out of a hot shower and stepping on cold tiles, invest in some floor heat for your bathroom! Or if you are tired of dealing with a cold kitchen think about a radiant heater. Or if you’ve got the money, invest in floor heat on all your tile floors.

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More information on HVAC products

I work entirely from home, and complete all of my projects online.  It gets a bit lonely being in the house with no one but my cat for company.  Yesterday, I decided to head out to a coffee shop for the day.  I packed up my laptop and everything I needed for my day, and settled at a table inside.  Because the outside temperature was in the upper eighties with brutal humidity, sitting outside was not an option.  I worked for about two minutes before I realized that the air conditioning was going to be a problem.  The air conditioning was cranked up so high, that I was shivering.  I had a hot cup of coffee, but it wasn’t enough to warm me up.  I didn’t want to abandon my coffee or my plan for the day.  I tried moving to a new table, but no matter where I sat, I got hit with an arctic blast of air conditioned air.  I finally drank my coffee and drove back home.  My home office is always the perfect temperature and wonderfully comfortable.  I have a smart thermostat that I can adjust from my phone.  I don’t even need to leave my desk to turn the air conditioning up or down.  I can even regulate the fan speed, level of humidity, and amount of ventilation. Although it is a bit lonely sometimes, I get a lot more accomplished when I am sitting at my desk, in my temperature controlled office.  I listen to the music I like, make my coffee the way I like it, and set my thermostat just right.

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Not running my air conditioning

My grandfather is quite possibly the coldest person I have ever met. He is always freezing. It can be 90 degrees outside and he will be mowing the yard with a sweater on. My grandmother is also cold natured, but not to the extreme like my grandpa. Their cold natured habits make visiting them difficult. When you arrive at their house you walk in and immediately feel overheated. They set the thermostat on 80 most of the time. There have been times where it has been set on 85. They live in the south where the humidity is bad. So walking into the house when it is 90 outside and a stuffy 80 degrees inside is horrible. Because they are always cold and the air conditioner rarely runs, the air is stuffy at best. There is nothing circulating the air so the humidity and the heat just hang in the air. On the rare occasion that the AC is running it moves the air around some but with the thermostat set so high the air conditioner does little to no good. When a large group of family comes they occasionally will adjust the thermostat to 75. When they do that we can all tell the air conditioner is working hard to cool the house down. It runs constantly for hours to bring the temperature down 5-10 degrees. Even when the AC is running and the house is cool the air is still musty and stale. When the A/C finally gets the house cool it is time for their company to leave and they turn the thermostat back up to 80 degrees.

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Installing a new thermostat

My grandmother is getting older now, and she requires more assistance with her day to day activities.  She gets cold very easily in the mornings. If the temperature drops too low in the spring and fall, when the furnace isn’t on, then she isn’t comfortable. It’s a difficult task for her to get up and down from her chair, to adjust the thermostat.  She still won’t leave the house, and come live with my wife and me. We have a companion sit with her during the evenings, but during the day she is sometimes by herself. My wife and I are worried that she will fall if she tried to get up and down too often. After speaking with a friend who installs air conditioners for his work, we researched a smart thermostat.  This special thermostat can be controlled by a remote control, so Grandmother doesn’t have to get up as much.  In the morning when she wakes and feels a chill, she can use the remote to adjust the temperature. If she is too cold, she can turn on the furnace by turning up the temperature. If she is too warm in the summer afternoons, she can turn on the air conditioning, without ever leaving the sofa. Since we’ve had an HVAC company come install the new thermostat, my grandmother is more cheerful, and I haven’t heard her complain about the cold mornings even once. It was a great addition to add to her existing HVAC unit. It didn’t cost a fortune, and she has been enjoying the comfort. I think we will have one installed at our home, soon.


Thermostats getting touched

My electric bills are way too high. I live in a rental, and I know the HVAC system is new and well maintained, yet my bill is still really high. So, I called my father for advice. It seems that one problem is because I touch my thermostat too much. I try to keep it set at seventy-eight degrees and keep my ceiling fans on, like my father advised me, but, I admit that I adjust the temperature quite a bit. When I clean house, the thermostat gets turned down to seventy-two. When I do yard work, the thermostat gets turned down to sixty-five. Before my husband comes home from working construction all day, the thermostat gets turned onto seventy-five for a few hours. During winter, the thermostat is generally set at sixty-eight, but gets turned up to seventy-five every night before baths. My father explained to me that changing the thermostat so often causes the HVAC unit to work harder more often, causing my electric bill to skyrocket. So, as a concession, I set the thermostat at seventy-six degrees, and leave it there. I now jump in a cool shower immediately after doing yard work, and we are all now accustomed to a slight chill when we get out of the bath. It hasn’t killed us. My HVAC system is no longer so stressed and my electric bills are quite a bit better.

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AC in the window

My sister is known for being cheap. She has been like that her entire life. Friends and family alike are accustomed to her penny-pinching ways, though, and now we all just expect it. We always thought that her excessive caution over money was going to get her into trouble sometime. Sure enough, it did. Her HVAC system was having some issues a couple of months ago. The air conditioning would not turn on and when she tried the heat just to see what happened, she found that it was not working, either. She lived in an old refurbished home and her HVAC system was nearly thirty years old. It was amazing it had hung on for that long and was long overdue for a new one. But my sister is cheap so instead  of purchasing a brand new HVAC system from a proficient HVAC company with qualified HVAC technicians who could install it, she found a used one online that she picked up from a random stranger. Then she tried hiring a man off the street to install it for her! She told me that she got the HVAC system for a hundred dollars and paid the man off the street twenty dollars to install it. It did not go well. Surprise, right? The HVAC system was decrepit and the man off the street was clueless. After all that, I tried convincing her to get in touch with a legitimate HVAC company so she could speak with someone who was qualified to help her select and install a new HVAC system, but I do not think she listened to me. Who knows what plan she is going to come up with next to save a little money. All I know is that her HVAC system is still broken and on top of that, she is out one hundred and twenty dollars.

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A true mess

My friend purchased a house on the outskirts of town.  She was very excited to move in and put her stamp on it.  She spent hours at the home improvement stores picking out new windows, doors, and paint colors.  It seemed like she was spending so much money on the cosmetic improvements that I worried about the structure of the house.  I remember when we bought our own home the first thing my husband did was an energy assessment.  He wanted to make sure that the HVAC system was up to code and working properly.  The assessment was done by our local HVAC dealer and he informed us that we did need to make some adjustments to maintain the system properly. We added a few zones and upgraded the ductwork.  I mentioned this to my friend, but she was too focused on what color to paint the kitchen.  I hope that she does not run into problems over the winter when she will be depending on the HVAC unit to keep her warm.   It is always great to have things look fresh and new; however, what lies beneath that can be ugly if they break down.  If major repairs need to be done, walls may have to be opened, floors drilled through, and other things that would make such a mess of that fresh paint job.  I agree with my husband that it is more important to take care of the “bones” of the house than the cosmetic look most of the time.  I hope she has many years of happiness at her new home at any rate.

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