Causing damage to my air conditioner

I am very conscientious about keeping a clean house. I even get excited when it’s time to tackle spring cleaning.  I spend hours scrubbing  floors, washing windows, cleaning curtains and bedsheets, and shampooing the rugs.  I clean out and organize every closet, shelf, and cupboard.  I also take apart my appliances and clean lint traps, filters, and every component I can safely access.  Last spring, I got a little carried away, and decided to take my air conditioner apart.  Instead of leaving the work to the proper HVAC professionals, I went after the air conditioner with a screwdriver, scrub brush, and vacuum cleaner.  I was meticulous about scrubbing the fan blades.  The fan was coated in dust, disgustingly dirty, and I was so proud of myself.  Unfortunately, when I was finished, I realized that I had severely bent those delicate fan blades.  I did my best to straighten them out, and put the air conditioner back together.  When I started it up, the system made a terrible sound.  I ended up calling my local HVAC contractor and scheduling service.  My HVAC technician also attempted to straighten out the fan blades, but it was no use.  My cleaning efforts ended up costing me a fortune.  I had to cover the cost of the service call, the replacement fan, and labor to install it.  From now on, I will leave the fate of my air conditioner in the hands of the professionals. Although I am tempted in cleaning the furnace, I have learned my lesson and have scheduled maintenance from my HVAC contractor.  

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