HVAC in a small house

My boyfriend has always been obsessed with the idea of a tiny house. He desperately wants to purchase a tiny home and live in it. He is a bit cheap, so I think he likes the idea of saving money. We would have no space for any type of furniture, so we would not have to buy any. Basically a tiny home is one room. The bedroom is situated above the kitchen. I could hand him toast while he is in bed. The bathroom is literally directly behind you in the kitchen. That is about it for a tiny home. It sounds like a horror movie to me. I am not the type of girl who lives in a tiny home. My boyfriend keeps pushing the savings idea. He thinks we will save money on electric, water, heating and cooling. It does make sense that we would not need to use as much HVAC. We really would only need one small air conditioner for the summer. Probably a ductless mini split air conditioner would work. It could easily cool the small home to the right temperature. In the winter we could not put in a furnace or a boiler though. We could not afford the space. Really what we would have to do is use small space heater. The space heater could be strategically placed all around our tiny home. It would look like crap, but it would save money on energy bills. I do not care about the money though. I would pay more to have central air conditioning, a gas furnace and a normal sized home.

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