I need some renovations

About ten years ago I started working for the White House. I work on a special maintenance team for the president. It becomes especially hard because I have to not only keep the White House looking nice and up to date, but I also have to make sure that the equipment we install will be secure. The president really likes a good, clean smelling office, so that’s something we always have to consider when choosing the design. We were recently given the orders to completely update the HVAC system in the oval office. We met with a satellite HVAC business in the area. Usually we go through an external HVAC company and just order through them. Then, we inspect everything before it enters the White House and install it properly. We decided to install a ductless HVAC system that helps with the smells. This air conditioner has a built-in filter, so now the whole HVAC unit will filter the air and test its temperature. There is also an HVAC zone control unit installed. So each room of the White House is tested hourly. The products have to also test the air for any kind of chemicals that could be potential terrorist attacks. Even the president needs heating and cooling help. It can really get tricky because the HVAC system has to be so advanced. If the White House were to ever be on lockdown, the whole thing switches the air conditioner and furnace to pull air from a secret location. It can comfortably keep the White House for months on the supply of air that is filtered.

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