I think A/C would be nice

Last year, I had a fantastic get together at my apartment complex. It was my girlfriend’s birthday, so I wanted to surprise her with a party that she would never forget. Her birthday is in June, but I started planning for this party in April. You can never start too soon, when planning a wonderful party. Her birthday weekend came up and coincidentally, our area got hit with the hottest and most humid spell of weather that we have ever head. Needless to say, our HVAC unit was running at maximum capacity for hours on end. The morning of the party was one of the most humid days on record, in my area. I was strolling through the kitchen, when I heard a loud “pop!” noise. I looked out my window and to my horror, the air conditioning unit was smoking! I quickly ran outside and tried to begin the repairs. I am no HVAC technician, but I am good with tools. I had repaired my furnace over the winter, but the A/C unit was proving to be much more difficult. The party was about to start and there we were without a working unit. I was running out of time, so I did the only thing that I could do: I called a local HVAC business. Amazingly, my air conditioning was serviced in under an hour. I couldn’t believe it, because that was the fastest repair that I had ever heard of. That is the last time I try to repair an HVAC unit.

A/C service planĀ