Installing a new air conditioner

Last July, my washing machine finally quit for good.  While I hated to spend the money on a new washer, I had no choice.  The delivery men arrived with my washer on the hottest day of the year.  Since my laundry room is on the second floor of the house, moving appliances in and out is quite a challenge.  They needed to remove the old washing machine, carry the new one up the stairs, and get it properly installed.  The staircase is very steep and narrow, and it took forever for them to maneuver the bulky appliances.  Unfortunately, they kept entering and exiting my house and leaving the door wide open.  I have central air conditioning in my house, and the outside temperature was in the mid nineties.  The humidity was brutal, and my air conditioner was blasting at maximum capacity.  Every time the delivery men opened my door, my air conditioned air literally blew right outside.  I finally had to shut the air conditioner off, and let the house heat up.  I felt sorry for the guys moving the washer, because they were sweating profusely.  I’m sure they would have loved to feel the relief from my air conditioner.  By the time my new washer was installed, my house was horribly hot and sticky, and there were tons of flies inside.  As soon as the delivery men left, I turned the thermostat down, cranked up the air conditioner, and got out my fly swatter.   I am very happy with my new washing machine, but I wish my old one had not broken down in July.

electric air conditioner