Renting a home in college

When I was a senior in college, I rented a house with 6 of my friends.  We were really excited to get out of the dorms, and have a house to ourselves.  We were stoked to have a place with off-street parking, a backyard, and a front porch.  We each had a bedroom, and use of 3 bathrooms.  With all of us going in on the rent and utilities, we thought we could afford it.  We moved in at the end of August, and the weather was wonderfully mild.  We did not have to run either the air conditioner or the furnace.  We were a little upset that most of the windows were painted shut.  By the end of October, the weather had turned colder and we decided it was time to turn up the thermostat.  We quickly discovered that the furnace was not in great condition.  When the furnace started up, it sounded like a jet taking off from an airfield, and the walls in the house actually rattled.  The furnace spat dust out of every vent, smelled a lot like the dead, and provided very little heat.  We blasted the thermostat but were still cold.  With the high ceilings, big windows, and multitude of drafts, the house was impossible to keep at all warm.  When we got our first gas bill, we turned the thermostat down and wore our winter coats in the house.  The winter that year was especially cold and long, and the climate in the house was not much different than outside.  We were so happy when the weather warmed up.  Then we tried out the air conditioning, and got another disturbing surprise. 

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