The heat isn’t working

Last winter we had a heck of week of snow and ice. We don’t often get those kinds of storms in my area, so when it happens the city sort of shuts down. Since our city doesn’t regularly employ snow plows or salt trucks, there is no service to clear roads. We just have to wait until it all melts. The waiting can be frustrating. No one can get to work or school, and even if you have snow chains on your car, going to a store is meaningless since it’s not going to open anyway. During our “snow days” of the storm, we realized our heat was not getting to the back of our house, especially in my bedroom. It was very strange since the rest of the house was toasty warm and comfortable. Of course I made a call to our HVAC tech, but no one could get to the house for a few days. I made it through with extra blankets and a space heater, but it was still uncomfortable and cold. A few days later the tech was able to get to our house and started in right away checking the furnace, ductwork, thermostat and wiring. It turned out there were a few issues. He said the ductwork needed to be cleaned and resealed in several places, but there was also an issue with the fan which was causing the furnace to shut off before warming the house. He was able to repair the fan, but needed to return a few days later to service the ductwork. Once he had completed the job, the heat was about 200 percent better than ever. I also noticed our monthly bill for electricity went down a great deal once it was working so much more efficiently.

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