Why is this happening?

My second husband and I decided to make a fresh start together. We both had been married before, had kids and we had our own homes. We decided what the right thing to do was to get one home together. We wanted a traditional log cabin style home. The problem was, our dream home did not exist. So what we did is have is built from scratch. In the meantime we had to live in a trailer with our kids all crammed together. That time was difficult with showers, bathroom time and temperature control. We all managed though and ended up with a great home. Since we had the house newly built, we could get any HVAC unit we wanted. We had a HVAC technician come in and install ductwork into the home. When the ductwork is installed in the initial installation, all goes better. Our air conditioner will experience less problems. The HVAC ducts are less likely to crack and get damaged when they are installed with the house. For heating, we really treated ourselves. We looked at a hydronic heating system for our home. What this means is that there is a boiler in our basement. The boiler heats our home’s water and water for the radiant flooring. We have piping all inside our floorboards throughout the house. Everywhere the piping extends, the warm water travels through. This gives us heated floors for the winter time season. It was worth the time we spent in the trailer to get the HVAC systems we really wanted for our home.

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