Church HVAC is difficult

A long time ago, when Christianity was just starting up, the apostles traveled on foot across the world preaching about Jesus. Most times they weren’t allowed to bring extra sandals and also food, much less money. Their life was possibly not the best. Nowadays, though, it is not likely for a church building, especially through the south, to not have air conditioning. I know that people turn around and leave when the HVAC system is not working. People must be comfortable always. I have seen some churches in the northeastern part of the country that do not have a cooling system. They only possess a furnace or boiler to be taken as a heater during those chilly months. Just a number of decades ago, that was very common, but even just twenty or so years later, that is very rare. Even though they only really need the air conditioning a couple of months out of the year, they still have to have them. I do remember the funeral of the very prominent politician previously. His funeral was held in a mission church, and as many of these were old, it did not have air conditioning. There were tons and tons of famous celebrities and heats of state there, and these folks all fanning themselves with little hand-held fans or even just pieces of paper trying to stay cool. I remember thinking that the rich man who was getting buried needed to have donated money for an air conditioning system prior to when he died. Maybe one of the funeral attendees got so overheated that she / he did donate toward an air conditioner. I know I would have done so.

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