heater on for me

Last weekend was homecoming for my university. I had been jumpy about it for months now and just couldn’t wait to be back with every single one of my best college friends for the two days. I kept checking the weather conditions hoping that it was going to be the best weekend environment wise. A week out, everything was looking great for the game. Mid 60’s along with sunny! However, a few days before I was going to head there, the weather changed to 40 degrees and incredibly windy. It was so upsetting and additionally I knew that it would be extremely cold standing outside looking to watch football. However, there was no way I was not going to go, so I packed all my warm clothes and headed to the mountains. When I arrived, it was already really chilly. I quickly unloaded my car and would definitely change into my pants, long sleeve shirt, and jacket. Regrettably, the jacket didn’t make it in the car somehow! I didn’t know what I would do to stay cozy. I met my friends with the tailgate and luckily one of my good friends actually had tickets for box seats, which are inside. She offered me one and I made a decision to take it. We got to the box seats and everything had been perfectly warmed because their HVAC unit was absolutely the best! They had the thermostat set to a warm 80 degrees and nobody had to wear their jacket to preserve warm. I don’t know what we have done without the possibility to enjoy that HVAC unit in addition to perfect thermostat settings. I’d probably had to have bought a new jacket!