Needed more heating this winter

People that live in the sticks of the south, normally do not consider the heating system in their house. It rarely gets cold enough inside during the winter, and if it will do, a small space heater might normally work just fine. My parents do not have central heating, only our fireplace. When I went to search and buy a home, I failed to even consider heating. I was much more focused on the air conditioning. Of which, to me, was imperative. I found a lovely piece of land and house that seemed perfect. It was made of brick, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen had been built small, but it had plentiful cabinet space, and the countertops were serviceable. The flooring was brand new, and the house seemed to be in great shape. The real estate agent mentioned that the rooms did not have central heating, however, then I did not think it was an issue. Although, I regretted that decision when winter arrived. It was subsequently the coldest winter in many many years! The temperatures stayed in the 20’s and 30’s during the night time, and only warmed up to the 40’s throughout the day. This might seem mild to those through the north, but to we southerners, it was eventually a really big deal! The house was so chilly during that time, and the tiny little space heaters I had bought seemed to do little against the many cold days! That winter was your longest one I ever can remember. It would be very expensive to put in central heating in my dwelling now, so my only hope is that next year, the winter won’t be nearly as bad.

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