installing the HVAC

We unfortunately live in an area that floods often. Every year the people I was with and I get hit with a hurricane or tropical storm and then the whole town floods. It really is devastating for most of the people in our city. This is the first hurricane season that I have been through while owning my business. I never comprehended the problems people had before with flooding. My phone has been ringing always due to water disfigure complications. Thankfully our business is in a good space that doesn’t flood. We live high on a hill so the water doesn’t touch us. I have people calling myself and others about their outdoor HVAC units. My HVAC company has not ever been busier. I assume awful for these people, though the company has been nice and it’s been keeping us busy. I’ve already needed to install a furnace, an air conditioning, as well as a whole new HVAC zone control. Since the flood, nobody is certainly asking for an HVAC tune-up. They are more worried about being without any heating or cooling at all! With the amount of work I have been getting, I am the only HVAC professional in the area, I have been offering a good discount. Perhaps people will appreciate the offer from me for all their HVAC needs. It would help too if people bought the ductless HVAC unit. They tend to be higher and have less problems with flooding. It is exhausting having so much work; however, my HVAC Company is getting lots of attention. If this keeps happening, I should be able to open a nice, big office in the space soon as well as have a bigger HVAC business.