Rain, Rain Go Away

We unfortunately live in an area that floods a lot. Every year we get hit with a hurricane or tropical storm and the whole city floods. It really is devastating for most of the people in our city. This is the first hurricane season that I have been through while owning my business. I never really connected the problems people have with flooding. My phone has been ringing constantly due to water damage issues. Thankfully our house is in an area that doesn’t flood. We live high on a hill and the water doesn’t touch us. I have people calling me about their outdoor HVAC units. My HVAC business has never been busier. I feel bad for these people, but the business has been nice and it’s been keeping us busy. I’ve already had to install a furnace, an air conditioner, and a whole new HVAC zone control. Since the flood, no one is really asking for an HVAC tune-up. They are more worried about having any heating and cooling at all! With the amount of business I have been getting, and because I am the only HVAC technician in the area, I have been offering a discount. Perhaps people will appreciate the offer and think of me for all their HVAC needs. It would help too if people purchased the ductless HVAC unit. They tend to sit higher and have less problems with flooding. It is time consuming having so much work, but my HVAC Company is getting some attention. If this keeps happening, I should be able to open a physical office in the area soon and hire an HVAC contractor.

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