Working for the summer in heating and cooling

My dad recently told me that this summer I had to get a job or there was serious consequences. I really hated when he said things like this. Usually he just joked, but this time I think he was serious. He told me he refuses to give me any more money. He already had a summer job lined up with one of his close friends. I guess one of his friends was a manager for a local company that was in dire need for summer help. I’m assuming that it was going to be some serious hard labor job. The thinking behind having to work all summer with the heat was horrifying. But when dad says something I must obey. Plus, he said the pay was top notch. So I was excited about that. Turns out that his friend worked for a local HVAC Company only five minutes away from my house. I didn’t even figure out what HVAC stood for and was clueless about it. But it’s all about heating and cooling. I was only working there every week and there was a lot more to an HVAC business than furnace and air conditioner installation. They have to set up furnaces, HVAC zone control versions, and even rip out old HVAC units. The summer was long plus the work was hard, but I made a small fortune in my pocket. No one wants to crawl around and make an effort to fix their HVAC equipment. So they will pay a lot of money to have someone else to undertake it. Unfortunately, that other person was me. But now I’m sure happy I did it. My bank account has a small fortune for the school year, and I’m happy I have some HVAC skills.