Faulty heating equipment

It is pretty likely that everyone has their own type of horror stories about living through their college years. For me, I ended up learning a very valuable lesson about how important it is to have a reliable HVAC unit inside your apartment. Of course, back then I was much more interested in having a good time and partying than I was in having working heating and cooling units. I ended up living in a house with five other people, which definitely made things crowded, but it also made rent really cheap! Honestly, cheap rent was the only reason that I decided to move in there, since the place was falling apart. The paint was peeling away from the ceiling and the walls, and all the kitchen appliances were old and outdated. We ended up finding out the hard way that the furnace was equally as old and outdated. Our first winter there, we tried to adjust the thermostat settings so that the furnace would kick on, but we couldn’t get it to work. We tried tons of different thermostat adjustments, but there was no hot air coming out of any of the air vents. The only thing that we could do was call the landlord and let him know that we needed a furnace repair. Of course, he told us that he would not be able to send out an HVAC technician until the following week. After that, I decided that paying a few extra dollars for rent would be more than worth it in order to have reliable heating and cooling units!

HVAC tune-up