HVAC equipment installation

I have one free period between teaching classes at school this current year. It is right after the noon-time meal, and it is fifty-five minutes long. Throughout the year, I’ve used that free period for many different things. I have utilized it, most frequently, to get grading done, but I also have used it to complete lessons plans, research for my next class, or run some quick errands. Lately, I have begun to make use of it for something slightly not as productive. I have started up piano lessons again after having a eight-year hiatus. Because I am quite busy, I do not have a great deal of available practice time after school, so I have started to make use of my free period as some practice time! Forty-five to fifty minutes is the perfect amount of time to go through my piano songs maybe twice or thrice. The only bad thing regarding this arrangement is that I have to go to another building to find a piano. This building does not have air conditioning, for some peculiar reasoning. I guess the building is so extremely old that it precedes central air conditioning and heating! Most every day, I can handle the discomfort to be without air conditioning, but several times, the heat has been so bad it has actually cut my practice time quite short! My piano practice arrangement did well overall, but I cannot wait till fall and winter comes so I do not need an HVAC unit as much as I do now. I will welcome cool weather with open arms.

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