Problems with the heater

I am sure that everyone has their own stories of living frugally during college, but my first few years in college were particularly rough. At that time, I cared much more about being social and staying out all night than I did about having an updated apartment with nice appliances. I lived in an apartment with five other people, which meant that our rent was extremely cheap, but we had almost no personal space. In fact, we actually turned the dining room into an extra bedroom by hanging a few doors up! The paint on the walls was chipped and peeling, there were pieces of the stairway banister that were missing, and the appliances were all really old. The worst was the furnace, because that was also incredibly old and run down. Even though there were air vents all over the apartment, the apartment was always freezing during the winter. We would turn the thermostat up as high as we could, but there was barely any air coming from the air vents. One of my roommates called the landlord, and he said that he would send over an HVAC technician, but of course it took weeks for that to happen. We all decided to go out and buy space heaters so that we could at least keep our rooms warm while we waited for the furnace to be repaired. Of course, that month’s electric bill was through the roof, because we were still keeping the thermostat on high settings while using space heaters! After those first few years, I learned that having a nicer apartment with updated HVAC units was definitely worth a little extra rent money.

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