A new heater would be fine

I made a decision to build a headboard to a queen-sized bed for my wife for her Christmas present. It appeared like a really great idea, and I knew she’d be tickled with such a thoughtful present. I started by receiving a do-it-yourself plan online, then I went to the lumber store. I spent more than 200 dollars on a pile of oak boards. To get most of these boards home, I had to leave them hanging out of the back of my sport utility vehicle. Driving home, amidst December, with the back window wide open was very unpleasant. Even with my heater cranked all the way up, I still shivered the entire time. Then I unloaded the wood, and spent another thirty dollars in the hardware store on things like screws, nails, and sandpaper. I assembled all my supplies and tools inside garage, and got started with the project. There is no HVAC system within my garage, which left me without heat due to the subzero temperatures outside. I quickly discovered that it’s nearly impossible to measure, cut, and use power tools while wearing heavy gloves. It’s also difficult to move while bundled up in some sort of winter coat, hat, and boot styles. If I removed these things, however, I was so cold that I couldn’t concentrate on what my spouse and I were doing. There is also no ventilation in the garage, and no way to reduce the fumes from the varnish. Eventually, my headboard turned out relatively nice, and my wife ended up being delighted with her homemade present. I am now convinced that I have to install an HVAC system in my garage before I tackle any kind of future Christmas projects.

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