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When my hubby took a job up north within a large city, I knew that I would be making some major modifications to my living style. I’d lived in the south my entire life. I was accustomed to hot weather and air conditioning. I knew that even as we moved up north, though, everything would definitely be different. We bought a house that was being sold by its manager. Since the owner was selling it personally and there would be no middle man to take a good chunk of the gain, the house was being sold at a good price. The only downside was that owner said the boiler was broken and must be replaced. We knew that it was going to be expensive, but figured it was fair since we bought the house at such a excellent price. Before we moved in, we had an HVAC company come out to examine the old boiler. The HVAC technicians told us what we already knew: the old boiler was officially done and would have to be replaced. We shopped around for a short time to figure out which boiler was best for our home and ultimately decided on the standard boiler. It was efficient and designed to last, despite its hefty cost. Since we moved in and had the brand new boiler installed, the cold rarely has an effect on me because I have gotten my new boiler to depend upon. I have kept warm, even with the snowstorms. Though I still miss the heat of the south, I am doing very well in the cold northern weather conditions, thanks to my boiler.

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