I want to be comfortable

Becoming an engineer is definitely an essential goal for me; leaving my mark on the world is a crucial step that i must make. I am a  first generation college student and studying is actually all my life. Take it with a grain of salt but I’ve spent much of my life in the college library. I have probably averaged approximately 10 all-nighters this semester alone and my schedule has never been free. I am bombarded with consistent studying and spend most of my time in most of the buildings my school has to choose from. From the science labs and libraries to the visitor and academic centers. If you were to take my opinion on anything, take my opinion on HVAC within this campus as I am the most experienced.  My advice is definitely someone worthy of regarding this particular matter. First things first, the library is the ideal location to study. The furnace in this area is superb, however, that gets busy sometimes. For the second location, the academic centers may be the next best location. The worst of all, however, is the labs. Every labs, whether it is knowledge, biology, engineering, or math. The labs are always freezing. Moreover, the lighting isn’t right for studying so you wouldn’t want to be there anyway. The library and academic centers have great heating units along with comfortable furniture that make studying cozy. Additionally, if you had been to fall asleep during your training, you could easily do so inside the comfort of the grand pieces of furniture.

central air