I’m very happy with this

Music production is a big part of my life. I simply adore making instrumentation along with tracks to share with close friends. It’s a daunting task but also one of my deeply grounded passions. I can sometimes sit for more than 6 hours at a stretch just recording and producing. One time I went from starting a song at about 5: 00 pm to about 5: 00 am as i finished it. That was 12 straight hours of non-stop work as well. No breaks or stops amongst. I was simply at my desk at a content space of mind just letting my original flow gravitate. Now for something like that to really take place without any difficulties I have to have optimal conditions. This means that lighting, furniture, and even HVAC are all important factors in my artistic process. My studio has to include the perfect HVAC but at a rate where it does not produce much noise as it can be picked up in the creating procedure. It can sometimes get hot but I have these precise cooling fans that just work at a steady and calm pace. My HVAC company is a progressively more superb place that I count on doing business with in the  coming seasons. They always take my most ridiculous requests and compose a listing of suggestions and options I can act upon. The HVAC system I am currently running under is quite unconventional but they understood that am working under studio settings which will call for such drastic measures. No matter what, I just hope that I can keep producing and working for as long as possible.

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