Saving for HVAC

This daughter and son-in-law we got are getting ready to move. They have finally found a location that is twice the dimensions of their existing apartment that they’re able to afford. I am so happy to be part of it. My only concern is the associated fee involved to heat and cool the brand new place. Where they are, the heat is included in the rent and there is certainly no air conditioning. It is a small to medium sized place, 500 square feet, so that the preferred cost is minimal. The new place, although double the size, does not include the cost for these features. I think that they will learn quickly that this can be very an expense. The owners of their new place did put in a fairly new system a long time back so hopefully that will assist in keeping the cost down a lttle bit. It is an exciting move to deal with and they can finally make a place to put most of the wedding gifts that are currently boxed up at my house. I know that my daughter is pumped up about decorating and making the place seem like her home. Her husband is pumped up about having a yard and a place to get to working on his grill and relax. They’ll be happy there I am sure even though they’ll be paying more. The other nice thing is that they aren’t required to sign a lease. They have been saving to purchase a house so if they find one, they can move again and not have a penalty. These days, that is a huge deal.indoor-air-quality