The A/C took a lot of damage

My plane experienced a 2-hour holdup last weekend, holding me up on my travels and already making me quite irritated. The lobby in the airline was crowded, the food was terrible, the bathrooms had been disgusting, and the seats ended up uncomfortable. The heating in the building also left something to remain desired, with that something being actual warm air. Their HVAC either wasn’t especially effective or wasn’t set to run high enough to matter. A flight journey is stressful enough already, as a result of the conditions of the airlines and also the fear of delays, layovers, together with cancellations, and I was highly agitated with the whole experience. When the plane I was waiting for finally arrived I was on the list of last to be boarded as a consequence of my ticket number and was positioned in the very end of the tail part of the plane. Unlike the waiting area, the airplane was rather comfy, so I attempted to direct the vent above me to blow the cool air entirely on me, but nothing happened. The slots with the vent were open and at this point no air was blowing out there, while the mid vents were blowing slight warm air. I got ahold of a flight attendant to request a seat which includes a functioning air conditioning vent but the girl couldn’t move me. I could clearly see several sections that had an open seat within the row but I was not really permitted to change seats to get a functioning AC vent. The best they could offer, which reflects rather poorly on them in my view, was a miniature cup involving ice water. I was left to do my best putting up with everything until I was able to fall asleep. I’ll be buying a better airline ticket next time as the inconveniences I faced were way too ridiculous to let slide.

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