The air duct unit needs to be cleaned

A little while ago, we went on a trip just for a few weeks in the summer. Before leaving we ensured to turn down our HVAC unit, therefore it wouldn’t be running most of the time we were gone. After that, we left on our trip of course, but after we got back our dwelling was completely covered in dirt! Every surface had a think layer within the light dust that had definitely come from our air ducts. This had never happened before so we were slightly concerned that something was wrong with the unit. So, after cleaning everything up I had chosen to call our HVAC repair company and then determine if they could send someone out to take a look at our air ducts and see how dusty they were. When the technician arrived, he first took a review of our air filter, which was filthy and there were only just replaced by my husband several days prior. So, he dug a little deeper and decided to look into our duct work underneath our home. After only a few moments within the house he discovered that the ducts were absolutely filthy. There was a plethora of debris build up and he was certain the ducts hadn’t been cleaned in a while. He went to work with every single piece of his duct cleaning tools but it still took a couple hours for him to get inside them. But, after he was done everyone could tell the air in this home was much cleaner. Having your ducts cleaned along with servicing your HVAC unit is extremely important!

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