The heater really is great

Finding a Christmas tree is one of my families favorite pastimes. Of course, our children love to practice it, but so do my life partner and I. We insist on obtaining a real tree. My husband insists on a family outing and cutting down the tree ourselves on a tree farm. It is definitely a hectic day of activities but it can be something we all enjoy. We get up early, find and cut the tree and then we go out to dinner together. We get home, put the tree in the stand and decorate it while eating cookies and enjoying Christmas music together. Usually that night were tired so we snuggle up together, watch a Holiday movie and drift off next to the fireplace. That is exactly what we did a couple of weeks ago. I came home from work yesterday and noticed something different though. The tree was significantly less green and scented as it usually is. I went to check out it and it had shed.There were pine fine needles everywhere. I thought about it and realized that our heating unit was probably set way too high. When you have a actual tree, you have to be aware of the heating in your home and ensure you do not set the thermostat too high. The pine needles fall off considering that tree can not deal with such high heating from your heating unit. Think about where that tree lives when you cut it down and bring it home. It is outside, inside the freezing cold in the earth and not use to its warm environment.

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