Where is the quality indoor air

Nowadays, even with the weather beginning to grow colder outside, we’ve still had plenty of hot days as a result of the southern climate we live within. On most days now you can easily get by without running the heating or air conditioning, due on the cooler weather making things bearable, but the AC is still necessary now and again. We had a day of that ranking yesterday where we had our thermostat set to 72 degrees fahrenheit, a comfortable temperature for most of our household. However, despite this arranging, and the rest of your home cooling down rather quickly, I noticed that my room was unbearably scorching. I was really confused by this. I’ve never had any disorders of the HVAC in my room and yet it seemed like the ducts simply weren’t pushing through every cool air despite being available. I felt it had to be my imagination, since the rest of the house was being cooled, but nevertheless reached a point where the heat was beginning to make me feel nauseous. I gave in and started up my electric fan, pointing it straight towards the bed, so I could get some cool circulated air blowing around my direction. It helped and the problem was averted but I hope the possible lack of cooling wasn’t a sign involving further issues developing. Today, however, the vent in my room looks like it’s functioning again, which is a good relief. I’ll be keeping a close watch on it though so our HVAC technician could be contacted if the problem carries on. If it breaks down in the event the chill outside gets worse it won’t be pleasant to get stuck without heating.

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