We don’t have any cooling equipment

A good friend of mine owns a taco vehicle, and on weekends I help him sometimes. It’s a great way to manufacture a little extra money, and he often needs the help. Last weekend, we spent our time at a festival in the desert. There were several other food trucks there, however, we were very occupied all weekend long. The wasteland air was dry, and the warmth was oppressive. A few moments later, I thought that I would fall from heat stroke beyond doubt, but I kept on working hard. When I took a break for lunch, I met up with a girl who was working on a different food truck. She didn’t turn to be too bothered by the warmth at all. She explained that this food truck where she ended up working, had AC installed. I was surprised to uncover that you could have AC installed in the food truck. As soon as I made it back to the taco pickup, I spoke with my buddy about getting AC inside his taco truck. He told me that it was very expensive to have AIR CONDITIONING installed, but that if this event made enough money for him, that he might be in a position to have AC installed. I was very happy to hear him say this, as I like helping him over the truck, but it gets miserable sometimes which has no air conditioning. I hope he’ll still be ready to afford an extra helping hand in the weekends, even when he may need to pay to have AC installed inside the truck. I would definitely miss all the free taco perks that come with the job.

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What a great heating system

My wife and I go away every year for our anniversary. We have been a lot of different places, but our favorite destination to go is a small bed-and-breakfast located in the mountains about 6 hours from our home. We’ve been there 4 or 5 times, and we’ve always had a good experience. This year I thought we would go for a few extra days and stay over a holiday, something different than we had done before. I booked a place for 4 nights, and I surprise my wife that night with a suitcase in addition to a thermos of coffee. We put down for a new adventure together in one of our favorite places. When we arrived to the bed and breakfast, we were dismayed to uncover that the fireplace was not in working order. The fireplace had been one of our favorite features within the rooms. My wife was sad they did not disclose this when I made our reservations, however, everything else in the room was superb. We’re poured some drinks, and toasted to our love but we still miss the crackle from the fireplace. There’s a cozy feeling that the fireplace brings to a room or space, that you just can’t replace that with an ordinary heater. When I asked the in staff whenever they were going to fix that fireplace, they informed us they were going to be using something more modern. I’m sad to think we might have to find a new place to enjoy our holidays. It just doesn’t seem the same without the roar of the fireplace in the room.

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A/C stories

A few weeks ago, my wife and I went a way to my high school class reunion. There are many of us that I hadn’t seen in at least ten years, and I could tell that some individuals had managed to get success. One of my close friends in high school arrived in such a beautiful truck. It was absolutely decked out with backup digital cameras, HD DVD players, and fluorescent lights beneath the dash. It was beautiful, and I wanted to see what he did for money now. He explained to me that after high school he had joined a heating and air conditioning business and after this built 3 different heating and air conditioning stories of his very own. I was amazed by his success, as I didn’t know that the heating and air conditioning business could be so lucrative. We had both decided to take different career paths when we left high school. I visited college, and was an educator, and he went into a heating and air conditioning industry. He seemed like a business mogul, sporting that beautiful truck, and I at once felt envious. We spoke for awhile, and it was nice to see that he was still the friendly and humble guy that he was ten years ago. He explained he and his wife had transported to her hometown, and they were the first heating and air conditioning company in that little town, Apparently, they got a booming business because of the application, and have been able to help branch out to two smaller cities, with people from their family. It was great to hear a real success story from our secondary school.

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Teaching the grandkids about HVAC

My little grandkids come by my house two or three days each week. It’s funny that they never look too cold or too warm in my house. I usually have the A/C around my house cranked up pretty high but my grandkids prefer to walk around barefoot on my cold floors. In the winter time my wife and I keep my gas furnace set really low so that I have to wear a sweater in the house. My grandkids don’t mind, nevertheless, as they will walk around with a T shirt and never protest about being cold. I employ a really efficient HVAC system so that I don’t worry too much about cranking the air conditioning or heat up. I figure what is an HVAC system for if you don’t feel comfortable adjusting the thermostat to the temperature that can offer you the optimal level of comfort. You also have to understand that I grew up in a warm climate and didn’t have air conditioning much as a child. We didn’t even have window air conditioning units around my house growing up. Our air conditioning was a fan that only seemed to blow hot air around. Now that I have a centralized HVAC system inside my house, I just want to crank it up! Funny thing is that my brother doesn’t like air conditioning too much, so when he comes to my house I let him turn it off in the room that he sleeps in at nighttime. Not me though, I have a smart thermostat that allow me to  literally crank my air conditioning up from anywhere and at anytime!


The weather is nasty today

I think it’s going to rain all day today. I’m glad my gas furnace is working good because it is very cold and damp outside. It’s dry and warm in here now that I have my furnace humming away. I like to walk around in a set of wool socks on a day like today. I wonder if I should get a radiant heating system installed that includes heating flooring. It would really be comfortable to walk around in my wool socks on a warm floor. My neighbor had an HVAC system put in that uses radiant heated floor surfaces. It runs off a boiler of sorts that heats up water that is then circulated through the flooring in his house. It sounds pretty cozy to me. One thing I wonder about though is if the flooring gets too hot, could that make your feet uncomfortable. My neighbor says he is real pleased with his radiant heating system system although I don’t know if he walks  around his house in his socks. He looks more like a slipper kind of guy in my experience. I don’t know what he does for air conditioning within the summer time. I think they have a mini split HVAC system though, since I see refrigeration tubing on the outside of his home. I have air ducts inside my house and I think a mini split system would  let me reduce the amount of dust at my house. Maybe I’ll call on my HVAC provider and talk it over with him.

Is the heater set right?

Today is the first really cold day of winter. I am glad  my HVAC provider came out a while back to inspect my gas furnace. I really need for it to work now as it’s so cold. Last year my thermostat malfunctioned so the furnace would shut off during the nighttime and not come back on again. I would wake up during the night, freezing cold, and have to walk out to the air handler and fiddle with the thermostat to get the furnace to turn back on. The problem was that the moment my HVAC contractor would come out to see my thermostat, everything would work right. Then in the middle for the night, the furnace would shut down and I’d need to get up and get it going again. Eventually, I talked my HVAC provider into installing a brand new thermostat and that solved the issue. He sold me a smart thermostat so now I’m able to control the temperature in my house from my cell phone. Since I can turn my furnace off and on from a remote location, I am able to adjust the heat or cold inside my house based on who is home and what they are doing. For instance, at night I turn the thermostat down since I can use extra blankets to stay warm while sleeping. In the early evening when I like to watch television, I turn the warmth up a bit as I am up and about. When everyone is away, I can turn the heat  down to save on my utility bills.  I am glad I bought my new thermostat and my furnace is in good working order now.

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Here is how you solve air quality concerns

It isn’t pleasant to consider that dust, dirt, or pollen float throughout your home, but it’s a common occurrence. These airborne contaminants are so tiny that it usually is hard to notice that they’re there, unless you  have allergies, of course. Dust, dust, and pollen are three well-known allergens, and having them inside your household can cause recurring allergy episodes. One way that these allergens seep into your house is through the ductwork from your HVAC system. With wear and  tear, the ductwork can be afflicted by small cracks and holes,  which allow these allergens to seep into your ductwork. Once your air conditioner or furnace  begins running, the dust and dirt will exit through the air vents and spread around your home. This increases the likelihood of allergy problems and decreases your indoor quality of air. In order to alleviate allergic reactions, indoor air quality should be taken seriously, with all allergens eliminated from your air. A great way to ensure high indoor air quality is having an HVAC technician look over your ductwork. The technician can find and fix any cracks and holes, and he can also clean any debris in the ductwork and around air vents. This is particularly important for older residences, as ductwork will naturally deteriorate after time. After having the ductwork cleaned and inspected, the next step is usually to install an air purification system. Having an air purifier is the easiest method to filter out any pollen, dust or pet dander which can be floating through the air, alleviating allergies and improving indoor air quality. Whether you need to repair your ductwork or install an air cleaner, having great indoor air quality ensures that your house is both comfortable and healthy.

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My sister is a great girl

My younger sister recently moved away to the midwest. She got a truly great job working as a hedge fund manager, and she decided that moving away was a good thing for her. Of course, it’s difficult to have my sibling leave, but I have usually supported her in everything she does. I was  very proud of her for getting a job so soon after graduating from college, and it seemed like a wonderful way to start shaping her career. We talk on the phone on a regular basis, and she tells me a lot about how much she loves the  new job. The only thing she’s had difficulty with is getting used to the heat and humidity in the midwest. The summer temperatures are a lot more intense than what she is accustomed to, and she was even required to buy an air conditioner for the first time.  Growing up, we never had air conditioners as the summer season was always really short. My sister told me that she tried to get by without an air conditioner for awhile, setting up box fans and keeping her home windows open. After about a week, she was done with the humidity and went straight out to purchase an air conditioner. My sister found a reasonably priced portable air conditioner that she could move from one room to the next, which makes being at home better for her. I think that if I ever go to visit her, I’m going to bring a few more portable air conditioners with me, for a surprise. If she can’t find an apartment with central air conditioning, I figure that a few portable air conditioners are the next best thing!heating-system

Save energy with HVAC zone control

Owning  a home is a big deal. Though I love owning my very own place, I have many assignments to keep on top of. My first year in your home I installed a central HVAC unit to remain me comfortable no matter the season. In the northeast, it is typical that I experience a variety of temperatures. Though the scenery is wonderful, keeping the home in great shape is most important. I found that my energy bills were very high in both the summer and winter months, naturally because I was constantly running heat or A/C during those times. I decided I needed to find something that could allow me control my central HVAC system remotely. I invested in a smart thermostat and it’s really made a noticeable difference. Now I am in a position to control my HVAC unit with my computer or smartphone, allowing me to save on energy bills. When I’m out for the night or at work, I’m able to turn down my thermostat which means that I’m not wasting energy heating or cooling the home. It’s really convenient inside winter and summer months. I log onto my thermostat app when I’m about to leave work to ensure my home is sure to feel ideally warm or cool right when I arrive home from work. Since I’ve owned my smart thermostat, my utility bills had been cut by a third. It’s a wonderful compliment to my central HVAC system. I now love having the capability to use my HVAC system without wondering if my monthly bills are going to be so high.


HVAC equipment

I recently got new employment. It is my first inside job. As I was younger, I always did the work in construction. During the hot months, I would always work with the people that repair the asphalt. We shoveled hot asphalt into holes while driving on the road. Occasionally, I would have to walk along the road with a big halt sign. I would have to stop any oncoming cars and work with a radio to tell the others a vehicle was heading our way. During school I worked within a mess hall. Therefore, the office setting was very new for me. I just graduated college together with got a job working as a legal assistant. It’s not that bad, but I wish they would frequently turn down the air conditioner. The HVAC Company they use is required to be making a fortune off this company. They have an HVAC technician visiting almost every week. I think they are doing an HVAC tune-up or just putting in some new HVAC appliances. I heard of this factor called HVAC zone control. It will allow you to change the temperature of every single room. I am used to working in the hot heat outside, plus it’s very strange to have to sit in an air conditioned room. So, I wish they would frequently let me bring a portable electric furnace or maybe just turn off the HVAC equipment. I am not sure if I like working in a company. If I can’t move around, I become really antsy. I’ll give this job a chance for a year. I may need to discuss with my boss around changing the thermostat, or buy some warm clothes, because I definitely cannot keep freezing at the office all day.

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