Air purifier energy efficiency

A year or so ago, I started getting frequent bad headaches sometime in October. I was stricken with bloody noses, sore throats, and sinus issues for months. I tried going to bed earlier each night, drinking lots of orange juice, and taking supplements. I tried all sorts of over-the-counter medication. When that didn’t work, I set up an appointment with the doctor. Unfortunately nothing seemed to alleviate my symptoms and it wasn’t until to the warmer weather came in that, I felt a bit better. I could open the windows to air out the place, and this made the difference. I suddenly realized that had felt ill since starting up my furnace in October until the end of April, I had my house sealed tight, with this furnace going nonstop. It wasn’t really designed for fresh air to get inside, nor any opportunity to eliminate stale air. Because of such high cost of heating, I do everything I can to prevent energy waste. Unfortunately, this leads low humidity and poor air quality. I did a bit of research and learned that this was the explanation for my health problems. I contacted my local HVAC company and sought a recommendation. He suggested that I install a heat recovery ventilator. These effectively introduce fresh air into home. The ventilator replaces the stale, outgoing air with fresh incoming air, actually helping to save energy. It’s kind of like opening a window, with none of the energy waste. Once the ventilator had been installed, I immediately noticed a positive change in the air quality of my home. The ventilator also proved useful inside summer, helping to combat unnecessary humidity.

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