Gas furnaces and how they work

In the area where I live, the winter season is a total nightmare. It usually lasts for eight months, delivers tons of snow, and tortures with temperatures well below zero. Wanting to maintain a warm and comfortable home can be described as… a challenge. We spend a small fortune purchasing and installing powerful heating systems systems, and then drain much of our monthly budget paying monthly energy costs. For years, I scraped by with an outdated and ineffective gas furnace. When it was finally time to switch the furnace, I did some research. Hoping to improve convenience and minimize costs, I decided to invest in a dual fuel system. A dual fuel system partners a heat pump with a gas furnace. While this option is quite expensive to purchase, it actually saves money eventually. The electric heat pump is much more energy efficient than the propane gas furnace. I use the heat pump as an air conditioner in the summer and for heating over the spring and fall. Because the heat pump finds ambient warmth within the air to provide heat, it’s only effective until the temperature drops below freezing. At this stage, the gas furnace automatically gets control of climate control. By taking advantage of both heat pump and furnace, my monthly heating bills are far less. Plus, there is less wear and tear on my gas furnace. It lasts longer and succumbs to fewer damages. I also have the added bonus of an efficient cooling system during the summer. I should be in a position to recover the initial investment in just five years.HVAC