HVAC repair after cleaning


I hate having to clean my house! I live in a southern state so it stays hot almost all year, and right now my air conditioner isn’t working. I had to find my split system unit replaced, and I am saving the money to get it changed. A few months ago it started to make a very loud noise and then it just would not power on. I called a repairman straight away and he come out later  that day. He told me that I must replace both of my units thereafter gave me a price. I sat down and I made a budget so that I can get the unit replaced as quickly as possible. I didn’t really like the amount that he gave me, but I need a working hard air conditioner since I live in a hot state. In the meantime I try not to do to numerous things at home. This will mean that my house isn’t exactly that cleanest. I can get a room clean before I beginning sweat really bad. I hate being hot, just as much as I hate being cold. I can not wait to find my unit replaced so that i can clean the house again like it has to be. I had to buy some sort of window unit for my bedroom to make sure that I could sleep at night. I can not wait to call them and have them come out to restore the system, I hope to have it done in a couple of months.