I do need A/C

My loved ones and I recently moved to a new house that had a good heat pump. I had never heard of such a thing before and wasn’t sure why we would need one. I only know that my parents were excited when they found out that the house had that feature and knew that it would save us money down the road. When I looked online to do some research I realized that the heat pump utilizes the ground temperature to control our temperature within the dwelling. This I found to be great. We live in a section of the country where it never really gets too hot or too cold so we are able to rely mostly on the heat pumps year round. On the rare occasion when it can totally get below freezing we undertake our a backup furnace to use to keep us warm. I reckon that I never really thought for the temperature of the ground way underneath our house. It does make sense as the basement is always cooler than all of those other parts of our house during the hot summer as well as being located below ground level. I find myself spending a lot of extra time downstairs during the hot summer days. My friends can come and hang out too, simply because we don’t even need an air conditioner to live cool. I like our new house a lot and will definitely be sad to leave one day when it is time to move out. I hope one day to enjoy a house like my parents. I will look into any energy saving technology that can be found when I do purchase a dream home.

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