I want my heat pump to work better

My current job requires me to relocate every few years. Although I grew up near the northern border, I’ve been just about everywhere. I have lived in all different areas, and I have experienced all extremes of weather. For that reason, I am also familiar with every kind of HVAC system. I’ve lived deep in the south, where heating was unnecessary and air conditioning was needed nearly all year long. I’ve lived in the middle of the desert where it gets ungodly hot in the day and freezing cold at night. I’ve put up with subarctic conditions, many feet of snow, torrential water, and unbearable humidity. I’ve lived in a house with a forced air furnace then one with a boiler. I rented a high-rise apartment that had a ductless micro split, and spent several months inside of a condo with a portable air conditioner in addition to space heaters. My favorite style of HVAC system is an electric heat pump. An electric heat pump works best in an area with hot summer weather and mild winters. The heat pump draws ambient heat from the air and moves it either into or away from the home. It pumps heat outside to create a cooling effect inside summer, and reverses that operation over the winter. Because it doesn’t burn fuel to build heat, an electric heat pump is quite energy efficient. It is wonderfully safe, with no flames, fumes, or carbon monoxide poisoning. An electric heat pump won’t overly fry the air, and is effective at controlling humidity in cooling modes. Because it combines both heating and cooling capabilities right into one system, it easily handles year round temperature controls and can adjust to different conditions quite quickly.

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