Maybe we should restart the air conditioning

I always figured I would definitely have a roommate when I decided to go off to college. I had shared a room with my sisters on / off going up. I was prepared. Or so I thought. As I met my roommate, I knew we were most likely bound to have issues. She was not the most agreeable person in the world. In fact, she was not really a likable person. She had been snooty, moody, dirty, and irritating. I did my best to befriend her at the start, but soon realized that that was not going to happen. I knew we should try our best to be roommates, at least temporarily, so I tolerated her. That is, before battle of the air conditioning started out. It all started when, as I was doing my homework from my desk. The room was so frosty and I was shivering so badly that could not even write using my pencil. I checked the thermostat and was shocked to get the thermostat setting which had been specifically set to sixty degrees. I turned it back up some to the mid-seventies. That night time, I awoke from my sleep to find our room felt icy cold again. This point, frustrated, I turned the air conditioning off. She got out of her bed minutes later, before I perhaps even fell back asleep, grumbling about how hot the room was, then she turned the temperature into reverse again. I waited until she passed out asleep, then turned the temperature up again. This went at for weeks. Eventually, we called for the inside resident assistant and explained some of our problem. She asked if we could not just come to some sort of agreement. When neither answered, only glared at the other, she knew she had her answer. I moved out the subsequent week.

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