My heater is really struggling

The house is just about impossible and can’t be heated. The house was constructed nearly 250 years ago, and there isn’t an ductwork installed. The walls feature the studs turned sideways so they really are especially narrow. There is not enough space to accommodate a duct system. My ceilings can be really high, which allows the most the heat to rise to a place where it does nothing. I have tons of big windows which might be painted shut, yet tend to be able to leak cold air. Because I have a home in a section of the country with a severe winter season, heating is a priority. It isn’t unusual for the outside temperatures to drop well below zero for weeks on end. I not only want some warmth and comfort in the house, I’d personally prefer not to drain our budget paying the energy costs. In order to lessen the workload on the heating system, I have spent a great deal of time and money tightening up my house. Over the past ten years, I have gutted every single room in our home. I’ve torn down walls and pulled apart ceilings, added adequate insulation, and replaced every window. I’ve caulked in addition to weatherstripped around every window and door opening, and installed ceiling fans to help push the heated air toward the floor. While I have definitely improved the energy efficiency on average, I should have placed more focus on the heating equipment. Hoping to get an inexpensive means of heating, I have installed a vented gas heater upstairs and a gas fireplace downstairs. These two units struggle to keep up with the demand, and on a definitely cold day, the house is downright chilly.

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