Operating the A/C equipment

I dated my girlfriend for approximately two years before we decided to live together. I felt like we knew the other person really well, and that we wouldn’t have any problem adjusting to sharing the place. Within the first couple of months, I knew we were going to be in trouble. Since we were both paying down student loans, we were on this limited budget. Part of the purpose of moving in together was trying to save money by sharing expenses. We moved into our apartment in November, and everything was fine through to the time the outside temperature dropped down to thirty degrees along with that, the snow started falling. My girlfriend immediately cranked up the thermostat to seventy-nine degrees. I turned it as far down as seventy-two when she wasn’t looking. She never remembered to move the thermostat down before she left for work in the mornings, or before bed. While i easily turned the thermostat down, she complained about coming home to something of a freezing cold apartment. I also caught her once having the window open. She explained that she just wanted some outside breeze, and I told her to get on her coat and move outside. As soon as the spring arrived, she wanted to start-up the air conditioner. It wasn’t nearly hot enough to warrant operating the air conditioner. I finally had enough and reluctantly installed a programmable thermostat making sure that we could conserve energy once we were at work and still go back home to a comfortable temperature. My girlfriend accused me of wasting money on the thermostat. When I pointed out the fact that she’d bought four pair of new shoes within the last few weeks, she got super mad.

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