Air conditioner in my room blew

As i was a kid, my family unit had two portable air conditioners. Every season, I couldn’t stand the idea of installing the air conditioners in my house. One was always put in my bedroom window. Because of this unfortunate event, I had to rearrange my bed and dresser, and it made the room feel very small and uncomfortable. An air conditioner was extremely noisy and made sleeping in my room all but impossible. I had to sleep in my winter snow pants because my room was so terribly cold. If the air conditioner was plugged in, it was running in high speed and kept my bedroom at about sixty degrees. The only way to get the temperature down was to unplug the machine and let the room warm up. Since the air conditioner was meant to cool the many bedrooms, I had to leave my door open always with a supreme lack of privacy. Plus, the air conditioner leaked profusely, so I needed to always keep a bucket right under it. I often forget to drain the stupid bucket, and my carpet would get soaking wet. Then my room would set out to stink like mold. Because from my childhood experience with air conditioning, I never wanted to have a cooling system installed in my own home. I resisted for as long as i possibly could but my husband and my kids begged and pleaded till I finally gave in to them. I was amazed at how much progress has been made in the design and the operation of modern air conditioners. These systems now offer some awesome features dealing with temperature, fan speed, and humidity levels. They are extremely quiet and give wonderful comfort without costing an arm and a leg to operate.

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